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Our Five Core Values
Our Five Core Values keep the vision of Christ Chapel clear. These values reflect our priority to reach people with the Gospel.

We believe in the power of meeting together for mutual building up and worship.  It is the responsibility of every Christian to reach out personally to those who have not experienced the grace of God with a credible witness of the good news of repentance and faith in the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that God orders the affairs of the church of Jesus Christ and ultimately ordains its leaders.

We believe the church must be an environment characterized by love, acceptance and forgiveness. Local congregational life must enhance, rather than diminish, the unity and strength of the home.

We believe the Bible is the primary means by which God has expressed His instruction about Himself for mankind and everything we need to guide the church and our individual lives.

We believe the church must stay culturally relevant within the bounds of doctrinal purity.


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